Quality and Performance

SECCCO places great emphasis on its relationship with clients, private or commercial, and prides itself on the ability to respond to your requirements in an efficient and cost effective way. Our values represent what we stand for at SECCCO


SECCCO ensures its internal systems and people have the technical and professional knowledge and ability to carry out work progressively and consistently whilst serving its clients through open and reliable channels of responsive to queries, orders while maintaining in-depth understanding of our work. We know time is money, therefore time management and timely delivery and execution of our tasks with minimum supervision is at our heart. In return our clients increase their hours of productiveness and enjoy the fruits of their hassle.


On a scale of 10, 9.8 times our customers’ demands of us to complete their task at rocket speed time. This value focuses of SECCCO ability to engage with our customer internally thorough creating a trusting relationship. In so doing the customer entrusts us to make quick decisive out of the box solutions while maintaining quality and reliable results thus offering to our clients custom made energy solutions in no time.

Your Welfare

At SECCCO we are concern. We are concern about our employees, partners and customers. We accord everyone utmost respect, support and research. We are innovative and we keep our ears and eyes open 24hrs in order to supply you with innovative solutions so that you can thrive in your business. Therefore this does not only prove our position and brand as a market leader in the energy space in Somalia but also demonstrates tangible benefits to our customers and our retention rate.


SECCCO adheres to rule of law and industry standards. We operate on a high moral principal by protecting the professional standards of the various needs within the enterprises. We respect our customer by making sure that our staff follows industry ethics. Together with our partners we ensure that our customers are protected by serving them with dignity, absolute discretion and straight forwardness at all times. Stewardship and CSR-It is our duty to give back to the community in which we do our business from. SECCCO aims to make a difference and leave the community better than we found it. Through our partners we engage the Youth in our society by training them from time to time. We don’t stop at just training we strive to make sure that they get internship opportunities and job placements across the country by approaching the industry players and Government. Our expert engineers do a lot of resourcing by publishing articles and blogs that in return help learning institutions and individuals in the energy field to be inspired and keep up with global treads. Thus, the quality of engagement with the community is at par with our company.