Our Approach

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Our Approach

SECCCO Was established to bridge the market gap in solar energy in Somalia.

Energy Needs Assessment

The first step in our solar installment process is to do an energy assessment. Our highly trained engineers and technicians make a site visit to assess any existing systems and see what components need to be replaced or upgraded. In addition, the environment of the site itself is assessed to determine the ideal placement of solar panels for maximum UV exposure.

Consultation & Design

Based on the energy assessment, our engineers will walk you through the different brands and options for solar products and help you select the appropriate products for the highest quality system. Our engineers will provide you with price estimations and a design that will create the perfect solar solution for your energy needs


SECCCO is an excellent choice for your solar needs because we have a large inventory that is readily available to ensure that all solar systems are supplied and installed in a timely manner. SECCCO works hard to keep all products in stock for our customers’ convenience.


SECCCO uses qualified and highly trained engineers to install all of our products. We believe in our technicians and engineers so much that we issue a warranty on any system that we install. SECCCO uses only the best quality products during our installation services based on the brands that we distribute.

Operation and Maintenance

We stand by our products that we supply and install, and are available for support should any problem occur. Customer service is one of our biggest strengths, and this leads us to stand out among all the distributors in East Africa.