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Solar street lighting

SECCCO has installed thousands of solar street lighting in Garowe, Bosaso, Qardho, Galkacyo and Badhan in the last 4 years, and have partnership with leading manufacturers and suppliers of solar street lighting to provide lasting solutions and maintenance.

Garowe street lighting

On 04/01/2016, an inauguration ceremony was held in Garowe to mark the completion of 248 solar street lighting installation by SECCCO in partnership with Somalia Stability Fund (SSF). This milestone brought light and life to streets of Garowe making it easy to do business over long hours without fear of insecurity. Vice President of Puntland State Mr C/xakiin C/aahi, accompanied by the mayor of the city and several ministers attended the ceremony and rubberstamped our efforts.

  • Project: Installation of 248 solar street lighting at the main roads in the city.
  • Client: Somali Stability Fund (SSF)
  • Location: Garowe
  • Completion: 2016

Bosaso Street Lighting Project

SECCCO installed 50 solar street lights in one of the main streets in Bossaso City. The project is funded by Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) under the Transition Initiative for Stabilisation (TIS) project and facilitated by Bossaso Local Authority.

  • Project: Installation of 50 solar street lighting at the main roads in the city
  • Client: DAI-TIS
  • Location: Bosaso
  • Completion: 2016

Galkacyo Street Lighting Project

The project purpose is to contribute to increased stability in Galkacyo by installing 185 solar powered street lights to make the city secure during the night and to facilitate the night movement of Galkacyo residents. The project was funded by NIS (Nordic International Support Foundation)

  • Project: installation of 185 solar street lighting at the main roads in the city
  • Client: NIS
  • Location: Galkacyo
  • Completion: 2014